Birthday Number 23

Your talent lies in your keen insight and your willingness to act as an advisor to those who are able to wield power. You operate best as "the power behind the throne". You are less an initiator, more one who sees a project through to completion.

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You are good with details -- not much escapes your attention. You are modest, diplomatic and polite. You have the ability to persuade others to your point of view by using gentle means.

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You are brilliant at making others think they are brilliant. This also indicates that everything in the vicinity will be highlighted. As far as one is surrounded by 2 and 9, the relationship issues and energy implementation issues will be highlighted during this year. This numbers of year are generally.. Is it possible to have a good relationships from an astrological point of view?

Astrology is a science that studies karma of different people. In short, the answer is - no, it is not possible. All people on the planet fulfill their pre-arranged karma to gain their karmic experience. If it were not, no astrologer would ever tell you anything. From a karmic point of view, every person who enters a person's life gives him some karmic lesson. Every person is a teacher. What kind of karma brings teacher?

That is a good question, so.

Does your name suit you according to numerology Your name is your personal mantra. We have developed a calculator that determines the numerological meaning of the name. This is very important. Karma is not just a mystical word. The name also has vibrations - both audible and energetic. We can imagine how energetically it looks like an inappropriate name. Let's imagine two radios, each one playing their own music.

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How to evaluate the day according to numerology To estimate a day according to numerology, many and different factors must be taken into account. It is necessary to calculate the number of karma, number of jiva and number of dharma, the number of year, the number of month, and various other numbers. A very simple task. Even a 4th grade child could cope with it. In order to make an objective assessment, it is necessary to analyze mutual numerological relationships of numbers. It's also very simple. Then you must evaluate the current moon phase and the moon day. All these conditions must be combined and a numerological conclusion has to be made.

In fact, in order to do it correctly, a little numerological practice is required. That's why we have developed a unique free service - an individual,.. The best days to get pregnant from a numerological point of view Conception of a child is very important decision. Both of parents should start preparing for this moment at least half a year before.

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Partners should think about what they eat and regulate their physical and emotional state. It will be good, if you will imagine and think about your child. So you will give energy to your child. It is necessary to rest and get positive emotions before conception. During conceiving a child, both partners should be healthy and feel good.

Day of conception of a child have to be coordinated with the ovulation calendar of woman. Which day to choose?

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From the numerological point of view, number 3 is responsible for the children. It means that the best day to get pregnant is Thursday because this day or vaara is ruled by Jupiter Guru which.. What is a bad day according to numerology? We live in an era called Kali Yuga. Therefore, you can only talk about less disadvantageous days. This article will be about days where signs indicate that this day is not favorable.

Vedic knowledge is one whole that brings together many sub-knowledge. One of such knowledge is knowledge of signs also called - Nimitas.

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Then the zero will be taken as the number. You have a lot of seduction and a vulnerable spirit in you.

Maybe at first sight you do not show your spiritual side and therefore, many believe you superficial. But inside, you are a very emotional person and you may experience sudden mood swings. You are very good at all kinds of manual activities, so you can be a plastic artist or craftsman. It is important that through your work you can transmit your emotions. As you are hard as iron, it is normal that you have many experiences of life that make you mature to make you stronger. You tend to be very healthy and you care to stay strong and active.

You are honest, but you have your fixed ideals that make you often, in conflict with others. In love, the more difficult the person is, the more desire you have to conquer it.

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In alchemical theory, mercury is linked to female energy. So you have a lot of perception and sensitivity in you. You have the gift of speech that makes you live a life full of friendships and love stories.

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Even so, you tend to be very possessive and you often get angry in arguments. You are a very cheerful and helpful person. That is why you tend to give in excess and you have to learn to find the balance between giving and receiving. You are reflective for decision making. It is normal for you to become ill from emotional rather than physical issues.

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It is normal that your desire for freedom makes you live short-term love stories because you do not want to feel tied to anything. You are a very optimistic and intellectual person but difficult to understand. Which makes you have few friends, but the ones you have are for life. You love luxuries and the good life, which is why it is normal for you to spend a lot of money on superficial issues.