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Then the person can say "doctors proved my claim! It'd better pay - really well. He never wanted anything to be introduced through anyway to his body. Kafka; swamiwami's the "Hunger Artist. He hasn't eaten in 70 years Even when he stayed in a cage on exhibit at the carnival, under observation, no one believed him. He's a goddamned artist, don't you get that? It's the fine art of not eating while eating, not drinking while drinking, not pissing while pissing I know it's hard to wrap your mind around but it's art! Is there nutritional value in cunnilinguis?

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Can one feed or hydrate themselves with a long French kiss every now and again? I heard about this story this morning and laughed out loud, which is not something I do often. The fact that the Indian government is even attempting to study this is saddening for the level of basic critical thinking skills that are apparently DOA. This was an Australian woman who was making similar claims. When she was in her own home, she was caught eating chocolate ice cream IIRC but she explained this was just so her palate could enjoy the taste, she wasn't really eating it.

When a TV crew put her in a hotel room the doctors made them stop after a week or so because she was starting to hallucinate.

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A month? Don't be so weak, PZ! If he's going to claim he's gone 70 years without eating or drinking I'm sure 2 or 3 months, minimum, should be a cake walk. That's pretty disappointing, I'd expect a bit better from them. Oh well, at least it provides an opportunity to tell my own little fakir story. As a stupid smoker at school decades ago, I was sometimes grabbed for a simple experiment by colleagues' students. Basically, smoke a ciggy and have my pulse taken before and after a nicotine hit.

Partly because I cheated by raising my resting rate a tad first. But, I can actually lower my pulse rate slightly too, by using a relaxation technique taught to me by Dr Ainslie Meares to fight anxiety. It involves simple self hypnosis and imagining a metronome where the rhythm slows down. Puzzled students were given a valuable lesson in experimental controls I always fessed up to what I had done, btw. Military can have a lot of money to throw away after research.

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The US military examined a whole lot of paranormal stuff during the cold war including things like telekinesis, clairvoyance and the like. They reported the story without a shred of skepticism, giving full credulity to the claims. They showed him sitting in the lotus position on a hospital bed; the reporter remarked that his religion was part of the ancient traditions of India, and so forth -- all with nary an ironic vocal inflection to hint at possible bogosity.

I would not, alas, have been surprised at such vacuity from the local news, but I expected more from the august BBC.

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As a Indian citizen, I am sad that so many of my countrymen do not get enough to eat as needed nor have used bathrooms ever in their lives, not because they do not need to but because they cannot get. As you have rightly written, lock the fellow in a room and just leave him there for the next 70 years. To wallow in his own excreta and eat whatever he can lay his hands on.

Did Sanal Edamaruku become a celebrity after Pandit Surender Sharma failed to kill him on television? Ooh, I remember all that cold war woo involving military "research" into the paranormal by paratroopers? Ouch, sorry. Maybe the Russians were winding the West up with leaked made-up stories.

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The most famous was the one where a mother rat was supposedly kept ashore and her pups were taken to sea in a sub and then killed at a set time. Mom rat back at base allegedly had a spike in brain waves at the moment of their deaths. Regarding dear old Dr Meares in my previous post.

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  • He was a bit of a odd bod too, back then; a mixture of woo, honest research and well, the times. One of the first Western doctors to entertain notions of mind over matter and such and to study Indian meditation techniques. He even visited India and Nepal to talk to yogis and such. He certainly was capable of having major dental surgery without anaesthetic, using only self hypnosis.

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    He led an early movement where cancer patients were taught his stuff and supposedly prolonged their remission by doing so. Not too sure about all that, in fact I think he went way too far in his claims. But his book "Relief Without Drugs" certainly helped me.

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    • My little fakir method was part his stuff interestingly, his self hypnosis always had a bit of discomfort involved I think he would have been cross with me using visualisation though, as he was all for just emptying the mind as a way of learning to relearn how to be calm. Whatever it worked. Much better than being a Valium addict, that's for sure. Fil: That's what I was thinking about, too! Pretty sure his tactics were more on the line of forming a confederation, arming yourself with firearms, and allying with the British. Of all the places I expected to hear a little intelligent skepticism it was NPR.

      Not one intelligent or skeptical question was asked. Instead the interviewer asked stupid questionss like "do we need to worry that this mans followers will try to replicate his feat? A Revenant. A smart zombie. The absolute worst sort. Shamblers are a joke, albeit a sick one.

      Runners are scary but easy enough if you don't let them bumrush you or meet them in large numbers. But revenants Gahhh, those things are back. These people are everywhere in India. I went to a temple in Karnataka and was shown a man in a stone cell with moss across his face who was supposed to have been sitting there unmoving for twenty years.

      Yeah, right. If they can live without food and drink why don't they teach some of the starving how to do it, being so holy 'n' all? There is no point in scientists even engaging these people. The minute a suitable protocol is established 'Captain Yogi' will start complaining about that protocol. I remember a video in which Randi sprinkled polystyrene beads all over a phone book, the pages of which some guy claimed he could move with his mind.

      Once the 'telekinetic' realised he could not longer move the tissue thin page by exhaling onto it without also moving the beads , he complained about Randi's skeptical intentions altering the life force energy of the universe, or some such shit and was on his way. We can spend as much time and money as we want testing these delusional pricks but its all just effort down the toilet.

      These Indian scientists should know better than to give them the 'oxygen of respectability'. PZ's right. The simplest test would just be to lock the guy in a room under constant surveillance. Let him come out whenever he wants, but the test will then be done and monitor him to make sure he doesn't die trying.

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      I don't know if Tecumseh's people had a superstition about magic clothes, but I know the Lakota had the Ghost Dance and Ghost Shirts that were supposed to protect them from bullets. At Wounded Knee, Lakota learned the hard way how wrong that superstition was. Anyway, when the cheating is detected, it should be allowed to go on, and be fully documented again, surreptitiously.

      String them along. Get them to agree that everything is going smoothly - feign wonder. At the big reveal, when the guru or the guroids whine about chi-interference or whatever, replay the tapes of their smug sanctimony. The point is not to tweak the nutters though that would be a side benefit but to nudge the almost and lukewarm believers in the audience back towards an eyes-open, brain-on sort of worldview.

      There is a very simple way of doing this. Chastity belt.

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      There would be no need for any monitoring he could just go about his business. After a week or two, you unlock it and do a dookie check. If there's a dump, he's full of shit no pun intended. I was wondering about that! What WOULD Deepak Chopra, who, after all, is a well trained endocrinologist and at some point made it to Chief of Staff at the New England Memorial Hospital in Massachusetts, say of the matter, when he was forced to answer with either yes or no, the question "Do you believe this man actually hasn't digested anything for the past 70 years".

      I'm fairly sure he would answer "no". This is simple. This man is presenting his body as a perpetual motion machine. Perpetual motions machines cannot exist in our universe.

      The "wrong test" here is ANY test which requires spending one more penny to rediscover this principal yet again.. These fakirs usually claim that they're pulling nutrients from the air. So no, the shit-catching chastity?!